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Bikini Wax

A traditional bikini wax that removes hair about 2 inches outward from the inguinal/groin line.


Bikini Wax

Includes removal of all of the hair from the front of the bikini area, as well as the sides of the bikini line, inner and outer labia, and between the buttocks. You have the option to leave a small vertical strip in the front and between the buttocks if you choose.


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Eyebrow                        $35

Lip                                     $30

Chin                                 $30

Sideburn                       $30

Cheeks                           $30

Upper Arm                   $35

Lower Arm                   $30

Underarm                     $40

Upper Leg                     $65

Lower Leg                     $60

Full Leg                           $90

Back                                 $70

Chest                               $60

Stomach                         $40

Buttocks                         $60

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