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Skin Care Lotions

body treatments

These treatments are designed with both healing & relaxation in mind

Good skin care is essential to maintaining your best self. When we were first born, we had soft and smooth skin; wrinkle free and perfectly hydrated. As time passes, environment, diet, and other elements wear on the skin depleting it’s health making it less hydrated and rougher. Along with time comes age. Without caring for our skin properly, wrinkles and sagging in the skin can appear earlier than they should. Consistent and proper skin care can help to slow down the damaging and aging effects of time and the elements.

Zanya Spa Salon Custom Body Scrub

An aromatherapy steam that will soothe both mind and body is followed by an effective, yet gentle full body exfoliation using an organic body polish to smooth skin.  Finally, a warm and comforting full body rinse completes this sensorial journey.  Your skin will feel smooth, clean and super hydrated.

50 minutes: $125

Body Butter Wrap

A gentle dry exfoliation is followed by an application of a nourishing, organic Shea and Cocoa Butter in a relaxing lavender scent. You are then wrapped in warm towels to seal in the emollients while you enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. Best paired with one of our customized massages!

30 minutes: $90

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