You are why we do what we do.

The Zanya Experience

Providing you with the best possible experience every time you walk through our doors is our primary focus. Because of you, we seek out the most cutting edge products, services, technology, equipment and training. You have chosen to entrust us with your beauty and wellness and we take that trust very seriously. If we ever fail to exceed your expectations for your experience here, please contact any member of our team at your earliest convenience.

Zanya Spa Salon is a team-oriented salon & spa.

We want you to feel comfortable scheduling appointments with the technician that best suits your needs and schedule.

With this mindset, we are happy to accommodate guests when their ‘usual’ technician is unavailable. We also encourage you to try another technician should their personality, style, price point, or technique better suit you. We realize happy, satisfied guests are what keep us in business. Be assured that you will always receive the highest quality technical services in the industry, as well as the best in personalized guest services.

Our salon operates on the European Level System.

This system measures the experience and years of dedication of our stylists and colorists.

Technicians at higher levels are more often educators, teachers, and lecturers, as well as stylists or colorists. However, all of our artists work with confidence because of their passion for excellence and extensive education. Our stylists and colorists are educated in the most advanced methods of coloring, cutting, and finishing, with a strong emphasis on services and client consideration.

Along with the European Level System, we also believe in departmentalization.

In keeping with the values of the world’s top salons and spas, our technicians are either Colorists or Stylists, Estheticians or Massage Therapists. We encourage our technicians to explore what they are truly passionate about and master their specific craft.

Our Team Philosophy

We truly operate as a team at Zanya Spa Salon.  We have clearly defined team values and beliefs.

Our employees’ dedication to their craft and this business is respected and appreciated.  We continually strive to derive inspiration from the world around us and to be inspirational to each other.  Our management team shares a common vision and goals.

Our Mission

Devoted to your Style and Wellbeing

It’s our motto and mantra

Feeling confident and whole requires a commitment to your self-care. At Zanya Spa Salon, you not only find and maintain your style, you can also rediscover your soul and spirit.

At Zanya Spa Salon we are:

  1. Devoted to your Style and Wellbeing

    It's our motto and mantra Feeling confident and whole requires a commitment to your self-care. At Zanya's, you not only find and maintain your style, you can also rediscover your soul and spirit.

  2. Consistent in our quality of service

    A steadfast level of quality and treatment is in our genes. Respect and quality is what we provide to every client and visit. We treat your first visit and your 50th visit with equal importance. We're here for you.

  3. Responsive to each guest’s specific needs

    We celebate dyversity! You are unique and we are honored to be a part of your self-care. From various hair, skin, and shapes, our clientele are from all walks of life. When you arrive at Zanya's, your unique qualities are consulted and treated with the utmost level of care.

  4. Understanding and considerate

    Patience, respect, and genuine interest. We are honored to be a part of your salon and spa experience. We take our role seriously and operate with compassion and care. Your needs are our highest concern.

  5. Passionate about our art

    You're our muse and reason why we strive for excellence. Fashion and stye are always evolving and changing. Zanya's salon team stays on top of trends and forecasts what's around the corner, keeping your look fresh. Spa treatments are advanced through medical breakthroughs and discoveries. Our Zanya Spa specialists are educated and experienced professionals who stay on top of clinical treatments.

  6. Honest and respectful in our conduct

    Transparency and communication in our relationship Our clientèle are why we are here and why we love to come to work. We communicate with you on options and choices, and educate as to the why. We treat all of our clientèle with equal level of

  7. Committed to education

    We train and groom all of our team members Zanya cares about quality, consistency, and professionalism. All of our team members are selected for their ability to execute Zanya's vision of style & well being.