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Zanya Spa Salon’s Massage Therapists specialize in Oncology Massage, Bodywork and Touch.

What is Oncology Massage, Bodywork and Touch?

Oncology Bodywork and Touch is massage that has been tailored to safely and effectively benefit anyone having received treatment for cancer, including clients undergoing active treatment, clients in recovery, and those at the end of life. Unlike traditional massage, Oncology Bodywork and Touch is not a series of techniques or procedures. Instead our therapists will customize their intentions, pressure, speed, modality, and resources based on the client’s specific needs.

Our therapists have trained to understand cancer, the ways that it can affect the body, the side effects of treatment and what alterations are necessary to make the session comfortable and beneficial. This is essential to provide a safe and healthy experience.

60 minutes – $115
Your physician’s consent is required

How can Oncology Massage, Bodywork and Touch benefit you?

  1. Provide relaxation, comfort, stress reduction and quality of life.

    We heal faster when at rest and relaxed.Optimizing your body’s natural healing process free from stress and worry.

  2. Relieve pain and edema, especially from surgery.

    Clearing your system from taxing pain and swelling.Invasive surgeries often traumatize the body and trigger your body’s natural defenses. Oncology massage assists in your body’s natural attempt to heal.

  3. Restore vital energy, reduce cancer fatigue.

    We’re best when fully rested. Oncology massage and body work helps to restore your energy levels by supporting your body’s natural healing process.

  4. Reconnect the body, mind and spirit.


  5. Assist in the flow of lymph, blood, and oxygen.


  6. Boost the immune system, elevate T-cells.


  7. Reduce scar tissue.


  8. Increase range-of-motion and mobility.


  9. Promote better health and overall sense of well being.