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Pura Luxe Smoothing Treatment

Safe and highly effective for all hair types. Treatment is made from natural proteins and aromatic essential oils which penetrate and protect the hair.  It allows for a customizable smoothing treatment, leaving hair straight, frizz and damage free, and filled with moisture and shine.

All formulations are formaldehyde & sulfate free!

Pura Luxe’s proprietary breakthrough formulations contain Amino Acids. The amino acid penetrates the hair, expands and weakens the sulfate bonds but does not break or damage the hair which allows the hair to remain strong with its natural thickness.

-No toxic fumes
-Smooth and shiny, easy to manage, worry free hair
-Nourishes dry hair and restores damaged hair
-Suitable for all types of natural hair
-Delivers natural-looking straight or frizz free hair
-No lifeless flat hair
-NO down time
-Color or highlight  immediately after
-Swim in the pool or ocean right after
-Amino Acid leaves hair feeling stronger with long term use
-Results lasting up to 6 months

$150 per hour. Timing determined at consultation.

Coppola Keratin Treatment

-Eliminates frizz and curl, leaving your hair very straight and silky.
-2-3 Hours to complete treatment.
-Hair will be more manageable and take much less time to style.
-A great time to have keratin treatment done would be the same day you color your hair, or two weeks after.
-Treatment lasts approximately 12 weeks.
-Can be repeated as often as every 4-6 weeks.
-A shampoo and blow dry must be scheduled 72 hours after treatment so we can guarantee your results, for an additional $35.
-Avoid getting hair wet, wearing ponytails, clips or headbands or tucking hair behind your ears for 72 hours after treatment.

$150 per hour.  Timing determined at consultation.

American Wave

American Wave is a wave, volume, and texture enhancing service that creates anything from cascading beach waves to increased fullness and bouncy curls.

-This treatment uses ionic technology to deliver permanent results without the use of THIO and ammonia.
-This system uses soft flexible rods that reduce stress on the hair strand and a special waving lotion that reconditions the hair for a smooth cuticle without dryness or damage.
-Placement of rods create a texture that is contemporary, fashionable and wearable.
-Great for any hair type.
-Results last for up to three months.


Design Perms & Body Waves

From $80

A $100 deposit and prior consultation are required for all clients booking a retexturizing service. This will be applied to your total service cost on the day of your retexturizing service.


Would you like longer hair, fuller hair or both? Get the hair you’ve always dreamed of at Zanya Spa Salon with Hotheads natural hair extensions.


Free consultation, at which time we help you select the color and length that is best for you.  Hair prices vary depending on length and number of extensions purchased.  Payment for your extensions is due upon ordering, as we do not have an inventory of hair and special order each set of extensions for each client.

Hear Wear

Application fee — $125

Removal fee — $5

Extension Application

You must arrive for your application with clean, conditioner- free, product- free hair.  This will allow the extensions to properly adhere to your own hair. Your stylist will lightly shape the extensions once they are in your hair.  After the 48 hour waiting period, you may wash your hair.  If you feel that you would like further shaping or cutting of your extensions, you may schedule a haircut appointment with the stylist of your choice, priced according to her level.


Extension Removal & Reapplication

Your extensions will need to be removed after about 8 weeks.  Your extensions will be removed, flat pressed and re-taped.  Your re-application can be scheduled for the same day, or any day after.


Removal Only
This is simply a removal service, with no flat pressing or re-taping of the extensions.

Halo Couture

Halo Couture extensions are 100% remy human hair extensions provide length, volume, and body in seconds without the commitment of gluing, bonding, or clipping.
You can wear them daily or just for special occasions and remove them as easily as applying them. This innovative idea has virtually no damage. There are 23 colors and four lengths – 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch, and 24 inches. They are the basic equivalent to a full head of hair, adding about 70-120 grams of hair. [ VIDEO ]

Classic Halo
12”  $300
16”  $350
20”  $460
24”  $540

Layered Halo
14”  $430
18”  $480
22”  $580