Hair color is truly an art form.

hair styling_balayageZanya Spa Salon Colorists have trained through our academy and with educators from all over the globe to study and perfect their skill.

Our colorists specialize in the balayage highlighting technique, in which the technician strategically hand paints smaller sections onto your hair.

Balayage allows you to enjoy these four unique benefits:

  1. Natural-looking

    Balayage creates soft, natural looking, sun-kissed highlights. Meaning to sweep or to paint, balayage leaves you with a result that is similar to what nature gives us as children. Balayage highlights grow out softly and naturally with no harsh lines.

  2. Low-maintenance

    Balayage highlights grow out more naturally, without developing a noticeable regrowth. This allows the guest to go longer between highlight appointments while still looking very natural as if they had spent the summer at the beach. Balayage creates dimension using the client’s natural base color in place of a low light.

  3. Ultra-customized.

    Balayage allows your colorist to utilize their creativity and artistic talent to personalize the placement of each highlight for your desired result. Hair can be heavily highlighted throughout, or just around the face creating brightness or placed further down the hairshaft away from the root. Because balayage is done freehand without the use of a foil, highlights can be placed in such a way that mimics light and shadows to accentuate your facial features.

  4. On trend

    Balayage is a favorite of celebrities and models like Gisele Bündchen, Eva Longoria and Sarah Jessica Parker. Marie Claire's article 11 Celebrities with Balayage Hair That's Perfect for Winter mentions all of the benefits. We believe Balayage is great for every season.

A consultation with your chosen colorist is required for all initial color appointments.

Todd Fox – Color Director, Master Colorist

Todd Fox - Color Director, Master Stylist
Todd Fox – Color Director, Master Stylist

Todd Fox has been in the haircolor industry for over 23 years. His patience, creativity and ability to teach others, as well as his outstanding client service, have propelled him to be one of the industry’s leaders in the art of color.

Todd’s career began with Zanya Salon in 1995, when it was located in New Hope, PA. Next, his career moved to the L’Oreal USA Institute in New York City, where he taught an array of color techniques from basics to corrective color, and was soon teaching seminars all over the country. While at L’Oreal, he worked closely with Research and Development to launch best-selling color products currently used in thousands of salons nationwide. Then Todd moved to Frederic Fekkai where he worked as a senior colorist for almost a decade and perfected his art of balayage highlighting. He returned to Zanya Spa Salon, now located in Lambertville NJ in 2007.

Today at Zanya Spa Salon, Todd is Color Director. He has become one of the most sought-after colorists in the tri-state area, having no trouble filling his appointment book by word of mouth. He has worked with many Hollywood A-list celebrities and society women including Sigourney Weaver, Lorraine Bracco, Patricia Heaton, Amy Sacco and others. Todd’s advice and tips have been featured in Self, Elle, Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire, New York Post and many more. One of his personal favorite accolades was being chosen as “Best Back-From-The-Beach Highlights” by Town & Country magazine.

Todd continues to instruct and inspire the next generation of Zanya Colorists, and provides his clients with the ultimate haircolor experience, completely tailored to their own personal style and look.

Zanya Balayage Color Look Book